Over the Rainbow Bridge
We are so saddened by the loss of our seniors . They each hold a special place in our hearts.

In Loving Memory of BB

In Loving Memory of Mr. Lee

In Loving Memory of Jordan

On October 24,2016 we lost our beautiful Sphynx girl BB.. BB was a special medical case.  She came to us with diabetes and IBD.  She was undergoing treatment for both.  She took a sudden turn for the worse and passed away.  She was such a special soul.  We are blessed to have known her.  RIP BB, you will always be in our hearts.
We lost Mr Lee in April 2016 and such a loss it was.  He was left in a box outside the shelter covered in lacerations.  This boy really left a paw print on our hearts.  He had quite the personality!!  Mr Lee also had multiple health issues which reached a point where we did not feel he was enjoying his life.  It broke our hearts to say goodbye.  Rest well Mr Lee, you will always be missed.
Jordan was a sweet senior girl who was only with us for a short time.  She was rescued by some good samaritans wandering blind on a busy street. Unfortunately Jordan had severe kidney disease and severe heart disease and after attempting to treat both we had to let her go to avoid her suffering.  We are glad to have known you sweet girl.

In Loving Memory of
Mrs Beans

In Loving Memory of Jose

In Loving Memory of Norbert

On Sunday July 31, 2016 we said goodbye to our little man Jose.  We found Jose running loose in the street with no ID and not neutered.  He was a happy go lucky guy and fit in with the other dogs right away.  In the lst couple years he had developed some serious health issues including heart disease, kidney disease and inflammatory bowel disease.  He was on many medications in an effort to treat all of these conditions.  Ultimately the IBD just became such an issue that his quality of life was not good and we felt it was best to help him across the Rainbow Bridge.  Jose you were a part of our family and we are so glad you came into our lives.  Rest in Peace little man.
Mrs Beans was one of our longer residents.  She had diabetes and Cushings disease and had both eyes removed due to glaucoma.  She was such a spunky little lady.  In September she suddenly became very ill and could not recover and we had to let her go.  We miss her little spirit.  Rest in Peace little lady, we will never forget you.
On Tuesday August 23, 2016, we said goodbye to our little Norbie.We rescued him in December 2015 from east Valley shelter and he was one special little soul.  We cherish every day of the eight months he was with us and will miss him forever. Norbert had some neurologic abnormalities when we rescued him which progressed a bit more over the time he was with us.  He really touched out hearts and we will never forget this sweet little man.

In Loving Memory of

In the brief time we had Mercedes with us she was quite a challenge. We were told by the shelter she was a biter. Never once did she try to bite me or my husband. Not even when she was giving birth to 8 puppies. But she did have a very high anxiety level. She destroyed several nice dog beds and various other things lol . She would be fine with other dogs one minute then suddenly attack. We couldn’t take her to adoption events because she was fearful of strangers and cage aggressive. But we were in it for the long haul and tried to work out solutions to help her with her issues. We still hoped to find her that amazing home of her own someday as the only dog with her perfect person. But it wasn’t to be as her too short and sad life ended today  💔 I am so thankful to all the Drs and staff who helped care for her. I know it was a very challenging and frustrating case for all the Drs who worked with her. Big thank you to Dr Sue Downing, Dr Jean Reichle, Dr Anne Marie Zedelis, Dr Sam Trivedi and to Dr Todd Cohen who helped me make the hard to decision to let her go today and for being with me to do it.  🙏 ❤️ thanks to all the staff at ASEC for caring for her as I know she was not an easy patient. And most of all to my amazing husband Chris Leisterfor always loving each and every dog I rescue as if it were our own. Thank you babe for the time you spent with her everyday playing fetch or just letting her sit in your lap and giving her so much one on one love and attention. She loved it so much. And it helped her to be more relaxed. She really was doing better and learning how to be a dog because of your care and love.  ❤️ I know you will miss her so much. Much love and thanks to all who took the time to leave a kind word. I read each one and appreciate it.  🙏 ❤️

In Loving Memory of

RIP DOBBY 💔 💔 💔 💔 💔 💔
My heart is shattered in a million pieces. Tonight as we were leaving work Dobby collapsed and was in heart failure and very critical. He was being treated for severe IBD and had a feeding tube to try and help him gain weight. Unfortunately the medication needed to treat his intestinal disease pushed him into heart failure. Treating the two together is a battle that we can’t win and I cannot bear for him to suffer through. Rescuing these little broken seniors and letting them go is always tough but some just really get inside your heart and this little magical soul was so very special to me. Thank you Dobby for touching my life and allowing me to care for you. You will be in my heart always  ❤️ I love you to the moon and back. Rest easy my little friend, I will miss you forever 💔 💔 💔 💔 💔 💔

In Loving Memory of

RIP Cowboy 💔 my heart is broken. Despite our wonderful emergency care Drs and cardiology team working all day with Cowboy he passed away about a half hour ago at the hospital. I am so sorry little friend 💔 😢I will miss you and glad you became part of the FOM family. We will never forget you  💔 🌷thanks everyone who supported our efforts with Cowboy 🙏 ❤️