All About Birdie
A Very Special Little Rescue
  1. Shelter selfie
    Shelter selfie
  2. Skin and Bones
    Skin and Bones
  3. In Hospital with Feeding Tube
    In Hospital with Feeding Tube
  4. Birdie Starting to Eat
    Birdie Starting to Eat
  5. Feeling Better
    Feeling Better
  6. Birdie

Birdie's Story

When i first saw Birdie's Hesperia shelter photo I knew I had to rescue her but didnt know how I would get her.  Thats where the awesome Cathi Perez came in and arranged to have Birdie pulled  and drove 2 hours to get her after being told by the shelter she was not doing well and would be euthanized that day.  When Birdie got to us she was literally skin and bones, severely dehydrated and a temperature of 92 degrees.  She could not stand and her front legs were contracted and pulled into her body.  Our emergency Drs did not give her a good chance of survival, but I felt she deserved the chance after suffering for so long.  We hospitalized her and ran alot of tests to determine if Birdie was starving or critically ill.  We found no signs of any terrible illness and this pushed us onward.  On the second day we had to place a small feeding tube into her nose that would allow us to get some nutrition in.  It was really touch and go those first 3 days as she could not maintain her temperature and her intestines were just not moving at all so fluid was building in her stomach which we had to remove thru the tube.  On the third day her blood pressure shot up extremely high and the Dr let me know when I was leaving for the night that she was not optimistic for Birdie at this point.  But there were so many awesome people rooting for her and sending in donations to help us I just had to give her one more night.  I told the Dr if she did not improve by the next day I would let her go and I left with a very heavy heart. 
But when I arrived the next morning to work it was to find that Birdie had eaten baby food several times during the night and her blood pressure was responding to the medications!!  Birdie stayed hospitalized for a couple more days with round the clock care and feeding and slowly getting a little stronger.  I was able to post a little video of her trying to stand on her own and doing a special little Birdie bark!! Birdie went home with blood pressure medications, stomach medications and fluids to be given under the skin.  I got up every couple hours to feed and care for her, helping her to stand and use her pee pads.  With each day our little Bird got stronger and started walking around a bit more and using her front legs better.  Her blood pressure has improved and we were able to reduce one of her medications.  She does have glaucoma that requires treatment to keep her comfortable and we are seeing an opthamologist for this.  As I write this Birdie is doing well, enjoying her golden years and being spoiled.  For me Birdie is such a special little angel that I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to help.  I could not have done this without my friend, and transporter Cathi Perez- a MILLION Thank Yous Cathi!!!! for making the long trip to save her life!!!  Without you she would most certainly be dead. My friend and co-worker Sandi Pruneda is the most awesome patient nurse I know for helping me care for her day to day in the hospital,   and to everyone who sent a kind thought, a prayer, an encouraging word or a donation, I thank You from the bottom of my heart!!!  Rescuing takes a village and I am so grateful for all of the support!!  Birdie sends much love and thanks to all!!!!